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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Singles Source; Owner of a lonely heart? Elaine Saunders can help you

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Valentine's Day party hosted by Dynamic Introductions
WHEN: 7-11 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14.
WHERE: Jewel Nightclub, 61 Canal St., Manchester.
COST: Tickets are $19 in advance, $25 cash at the door.
TICKETS: On Constant Contact at $14 with discount code CUPID.
EVENT INFO: On Facebook events page at
INFORMATION: 577-0315 or 262-1560,, at or

NASHUA - Are you single? Dreading that lovers' holiday coming up next week? Are you, for some strange reason, somehow not meeting the person of your dreams while sitting on your couch watching reruns and doing nothing to change your situation? Maybe it's time to bring in a pro.

Elaine Saunders, a self-described "matchmaker and first-date specialist," is here to help. Saunders is the owner of Dynamic Introductions, a matchmaking service in Nashua that has helped hundreds of local singles meet up and pair up - and in many cases, walk down the aisle.

Dynamic Introductions will host a Valentine's Day event at Jewel Nightclub in Manchester. For a mere $14 ticket, attendees will enjoy a DJ, appetizers, cocktails, dancing, karaoke, games, prizes - and will maybe meet that special someone.

The first match Saunders ever made was, in fact, her own. She met her late husband, Tony Kudalis, in 1997 when he was the owner of Great Expectations video dating in Las Vegas. "I showed up for the interview and before me was my future husband, little did I know," she said. They married in 2001.

Kudalis passed away of terminal brain cancer July 15, 2011. When he was diagnosed in 2007, the couple moved to New Hampshire, where Kudalis had family, to work at Great Expectations' Bedford office. A year later, when the owner decided to sell the business, Saunders took over the office and made it her own, eventually relocating it to Nashua.

"I made a decision to change the name and become more of a matchmaking-type company and move away from the videos," she said. "It was glorified online dating," she said, noting that the company didn't actively match up its clients.

Thus, Dynamic Introductions was born, located in Nashua at 230 Amherst St., Suite 203. Saunders chose the name "because dating should be 'dynamic' and there's more than one way to meet someone," she said. Some of the many ways she helps her clients meet are through networking events - one of which is where she met Darlene, who is getting married to Frank in October because of the matchmaker. Saunders also hosts 8-minute speed dating nights - that's how she hooked up Jenny and Mark, who are now married. She also plays "wing woman" for male friends when out, and helped Kyle meet Cindy that way, and Rick meet Renee. There are casual mixers and activities through Saunders' meet-up group - begun in 2010, there are now 1,200 singles in the group; they've done 900 events.

Saunders has helped close friends find love, too - even ones who had given up hope, or struggled with self-esteem. Her friend Eva was on "stand-by" (when there are more women than men - guys, take note!) at one speed-dating event; when Saunders asked participant Michael if he'd met anyone he liked, he pointed to Eva. They're now engaged. Friend Doreen felt that "no one is going to want me." But then she met Bill.

Dynamic Introductions' more traditional facet of matchmaking services is via a client contract which guarantees 10 introductions in 12 months. Saunders considers herself much like a corporate headhunter, in her matching process. She evaluates the individuals on her client list, matches up the like-minded, and makes an email pitch. If the two like what she reports, they can make a phone introduction. Her emails give only general details in a sentence or two; she is adamant about not providing photos ahead of time. "Too many snap judgments," she said.

After "meeting" by phone, the potential couple can make arrangements to meet in person for a quick coffee or such. They report back to Saunders after that with a yay or a nay. If it's a mutual attraction, it's off to the races. If not, it's back to the drawing board - but Saunders takes the onus of letting the other person know. "No awkward phone calls that way," she said.

Saunders has many success stories. Take Heather and Wayne, for example. Both 45, both from Manchester, the nurse and software engineer, respectively, are currently living together as a result of seeking out Dynamic Introductions. "We both felt it was hard to meet people," Heather said, of availing themselves of the service. "We both tried the online dating circuit with not much luck, and Elaine's services seemed promising."

Heather had been introduced to three other men prior to meeting Wayne, and Heather was Wayne's first match through Elaine. Both felt an instant connection, and after only two weeks of dating, decided to live together. They are "happily in love and planning for the future."

"I would say that without Elaine, we would never have met. She did understand what we were looking for in an ideal match and she was up-front and honest with her services," Heather said. "We would recommend her to people who are feeling frustrated with the traditional online dating scene."

Heather and Wayne say that "every night, before dinner, we make a toast ... to our friendship and our love." When they met, Jenny, a teacher from Milford, was in her mid 30s, and Mark, a salesman from Hudson, was in his mid 40s. They married in 2015.

"I was married previous to meeting Mark," Jenny said. "My husband passed away in 2006 at 24 years old; he had leukemia. It takes awhile after such a devastating loss to get back in the swing, but I started to do some speed dating. One night in January 2013, I was at a speed dating that Elaine was running, and we were one guy short (again: Guys, take note!), so Elaine sat with me and we got to talking. She is also a widow, so we had a few things in common. She told me about her company and I signed up," she said.

Mark was helping Elaine with her Linkedin profile and helping her market her business. "She thought we would make a great couple, and the rest is history!" Jenny said. "I think at first we were both a little relationship-shy, but it didn't take long for us to figure out we were right for each other. He immediately embraced who I was and understood the close relationship I have with my late husband's family. This was very important to me," she said.
Saunders is also hosting an event from 6:30-8 p.m. this Tuesday, "How to Manifest the Love of Your Life Law of Attraction Workshop" with speaker Sue Burhoe, at the Dynamic Introductions office. For more information on any of the events or on matchmaking services, contact Saunders at 577-0315 or 262-1560,, online at or

I'll be on my couch, wondering why I'm not meeting anyone ...

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